trading with MACD crossovers

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  1. Does anyone just trade solely on MACD signal (the crossing of the lines)? If so, how has that worked out?

    Only looking at MACD actually seems great on most stocks in my watch list.
  2. C- kid

    C- kid

    if it never occurred to you to test it yourself (plus if you have no clue how to test it)

    you don't have what it takes for this business,

    save yourself hardship, give up
  3. If you can't make a million dollars your first year trading macd crossovers then you're just a pussy.
  4. I never said I didn't test it... I'm just asking if any other traders out there traded only according to MACD crossovers
  5. Seriously, if you tested it you would know that there isn't anyone making money using macd crossovers. If things were that easy everyone would be profitable, and we all know that is not the case.
  6. It's not the crossovers that matter.. it's the zero line cross.. find the right time frame and you'll see what I mean
  7. syspool


    I use MACD as just ONE indicator. The MACD-line can at times be very misleading. In addition use an EMA, that corresponds with the MACDline plus CCI and Stoch as forewarners.

    For longer term forex swing trading (2 to 5++ days) I use 180 min charts with smoothly moving pairs and these indicators

    - EMA10
    - MACD24,52,18
    - CCI30,18
    - Stoch21,21,3

    With this setup the signal points almost jump at you. But only with smoothly moving pairs.

    Happy trading, Felix