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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by TDTrader, Jul 11, 2006.

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    Seriously considering opening an account with GlobalFutures to trade futues.

    What is your experience with them? I'll be using J-Trader, is it any good?

    Which clearing frim to use, they have three to choose from: RCG, REFCO, or GHCO?

    Anyone that can help here ??


    ps Can you get your money out when you need it?
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    Someone here must trade through GlobalFutures. Or have traded in past.

    You can PM me if you wish.

    Help, please
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    hoping for a little help. PM me if you want.
  4. I'm sure a lot of people use GlobalFutures, I think they are all just taking a vacation at the moment or something :p
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  6. A guy I talked to used them for a year. I think he deals with Richard there. He likes them, but J Trader is a joke, outdated slow junk. They have alot of platforms, but I would use X Trader or Ninja Zen, I currently do through Pro Active Futures. Check out Golbal on NFA search they have gotten nailed a couple of times I believe. They are a big firm in So Cal, but you probably know that if you did your homework.
  7. Yes, J-Trader is a joke.
    Lack of functions.
    It is a killer for active traders. :(
  8. I'm trying to find out a little more info too.
  9. why global? when i was trying to get my commissions set i felt i was dealing with a used car salesperson.
    why not transact, or open e cry or TS8 or IB. there is an advantage of using a FCM with their own platform so that don't have the added cost. consider that.
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    Clearing with RCG involves a serious bunch of paperwork first.
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