Trading with Emotional Intelligence

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  1. there's references to Emotional Intelligence - EI in several threads but no posts
    that speak directly to how EQ is being used to aid the trader

    Daniel Goleman in his book 'Emotional Intelligence' first popularized EI —
    a 'coinz' recommendation by the way

    recently I watched Denise Shull's webinar 'Simple Realities of Trading Psych'
    cable isp took 4 mins to load, 1 hour in length, screen capture slides for later review
    Denise K Shull:
    see also:

    has studying EI improved your trading ?
    do you have some EI techniques to share ?
    EI websites, book titles, etc to recommend ?
  2. The Psych forum is about the only place I read with any regularity. I'm glad I do...thanks for the links.

    I wonder if anyone has signed up for Shulls self directed workshop?
  3. ... check out The Way of the Turtle by Curtis Faith...I am not a turtle, but I found the book excellent and pertains to how professional traders exploit irrational emotion-driven behavior.
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    Many thx Wallace!
  5. =========
    Very helpful.
    And Wallace , the knowing[intelligence] is easier than doing;
    it may take lots of doing.
    But long story short, thats wisdom:cool:
  6. There is no such thing as emotional intelligence; only IQ.
  7. There is no such thing as emotional intelligence; only IQ. The biggest advocates of EQ tend to be those with low IQs.
  8. Wheres your evidence of this "fact".
  9. Let's analyze your sentence structure there genius:

    There is no such thing as "A"; only "B". Therefore, those who a advocate "A" have low "B".

    Do you realize that in using the logical reasoning above you'd fail a simple IQ test? Let alone score above a 10% percentile on any standard exam...

    That puts your intellect alongside those with severe learning disabilities...

    Frankly, "Stuck_Turd" would be a better handle for you - maybe you should ask Baron to get it changed?. You are like the turd that won't go away, you clog this site with your crap.

    To the OP,

    Thanks for posting those links, I really liked the Denise Shull webinar. Specifically the part that talks about trading within a structured regimen.

  10. thanks Candara and Mike

    currently reading a book on EI/Q that's been panned but will report on it when complete
    next up 'The Way of the Turtle' — thanks Flash2007

    "Your job is to get on top of anything that lessens making money. EQ comes way ahead
    of IQ for trading. There are two other "Q's" as well. ET doesn't surface those too often.
    This thread is about EQ." Grob109 / Jack Hershey
    #10     Jul 10, 2007