Trading with BnB and Timmay

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Trvlwanderer, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. I find both methods exceptionally entertaining and I am sure someone has made money (likely the authors)...but there is a funny observation.

    Both come to ET to "get the word out" and I'm assuming to validate their "cred" on this site.

    Once the real critiquing begins, both claim to "help the novice trader". So, the path and method change to accomodate the least resistance.

    Hope someone is capturing this for a master's thesis. :)

    I posted under trading because the bottom line question is this:

    Has anyone provided ANY validity to either of them? Has anyone really traded based on the vids by BnB?

    Both have "asked" for feedback (of which 95% is negative) and have gone defensive in every case.
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    I would add MarketSurfer to the same catagory of posters.
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    FYI, you spelled category wrong. But, more importantly, you spelled posers wrong; you added a "t" that didn't belong... :D
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    Thank you :D
  5. BnB where are you? Kind of paralyzed in forex without your guidance.