Trading with blackberry or I-phone

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fogut, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. fogut


    Does anyone have experience trading with blackberry or an I-phone ? Are there any major things to keep in mind ?
  2. fogut


    Anyone ?
  3. steffi


    TD Ameritrade has iStockManager which is pretty complete and I've heard that thinkorswim will have a full featured iphone app soon too.

  4. bespoke


    I remotely control my computer which runs my ATSs using RDM+ for the BB. Works great. I view a 1920x1200 monitor which I can zoom in at different levels. Only issue I have is that it will only show the primary monitor if you have multiple monitors as far as I know. Only about 5-10 mb of data is sent per day if you view all day at 8 bit graphics. Quite fast if you have a good connection and it has good short-cut keys. The battery life is surprising good too.

    BTW, there is already a thread on this. Search iphone and bold in the hardware section.
  5. I have been fairly actively using my blackberry to do trades. Roughly one third of my over 200 etrades last year were done through my blackberry. It is very convenient for monitoring tickers in an open work space.
  6. S2007S


    Istockmanager is a great program, made a few trades with it. The streaming data is great. As for thinkorswim I'm thinking of opening an account however with ameritrade buying them out will they integrate the same pricing plan as Ameritrade or will thinkorswim still keep the same platform and pricing.
  7. steffi


    Anybody who's seen both ThinkDesktop and TD Ameritrades platofrms is probably hoping that Ameritrade keeps their mits of ThinkDesktop. ThinkDesktop is IMHO vastly superior to Ameritrades offerings and their will be a lot of upset Think or Swim customers if Ameritrade tries to migrate them to Ameritrade's platform.