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    I have an LLC which I am considering doing trading through the company. The trading would only be for the company itself and not as a service to anyone. Do I need to do anything as far as licensing , certs etc?
    Long term this LLC would do the trading and I would pay myself out of the income of the trades.

    With this type of setup, do I open a "retail" account or do I need something completely different since it would be a company account? This is probably a Fx broker question?

  2. whats he point? are you trying to protect yourself from you suing yourself.
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    Nothing better than answering a question with a question - and a stupid one at that - duh


    Sign up / register using your LLC - nothing to it

    And yes a retail account - unless you plan to resell/ distribute data

  4. "retail" yes, but you'd indicate that you're applying for a corporate account, not a personal one.

    They'll need a bit more info about the company and a signature from someone within the company who has the authority to fund and trade the account. In this case, that is also yourself.
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    Between Jack and I - we'll get it covered :p

    They will most likely ask for a copy of your operating agreement (they did me) .., and need your tax ID (as opposed to your SSN)

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    Hey guys, thanks for the response!

    I have an EIN and the Op. Agreements for this single member LLC.

    I plan to turn this into my day job and want to get everything squared away before I file end of year taxes.

    Jack and Red, are you trading for yourselves or a trader in a company?

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    I'm not sure if you got a complete answer:

    Retail: An account in an individuals name
    Institutional: An account for an entity that is NOT a BD (LLC, LP etc..)
    Broker Dealer: Registered entity

    Retail and Institutional require no licences. Only a BD is a registered entity. Retail pays lower data fees than institutional and BDs. If you trade options, non-BD's pay lower exchange fees. A single member LLC is treated by the IRS as a sole proprietor so all your income filters down to your tax return, just another form. The LLC protects your personal assets outside your LLC. Everyone that professionally trades should consider using an entity.

    Also, you don't pay yourself as the managing member. You can just remove funds. A sole member LLC does not report income separately and you don't give yourself a K1. There is no W2 or K1 needed.
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    Great, that's what I need to know. Thanks!

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    Good luck.
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    I realize you already have a LLC…, but you may want to research the tax implication of a sole partner LLC (if that’s the way you’re thinking,,id=158625,00.html


    Speak with these folks – they are very good at what they do

    I am the COO of my own trading company… and its sole (head) trader

    My better half is the CEO, and CPA

    Getting a K1 is a damn site better than pass through - especially if your managing any amount of money (meaning your own.., not other's)

    Your call

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