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    If you can afford it and have enough capital, then hire a pro to handle your investment for you...
    For those that cant and dont have enough time to do FOREX trading by themselves (like me), ZuluTrade is a good concept to try...
    #21     Mar 15, 2010
  2. And again we meet the problem "How to find a pro???" :)))

    I know about service that is developed now, I hope it will help to interact investors and pro traders in the nearest future. I'll check it and post feedback here...
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    There is also the option to become an affiliate with zulu
    If you know a lot of people that want to start forex, or if you have a high traffic website, its not a bad idea, you dont risk any capital and with the right promotion, you can get nice results
    But as with the provider, it needs a lot of time to do it...
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    Just an update:

    Zulutrade has changed their ranking system to include open orders, so now its a bit more reliable for the top providers compared to the previous system that was a bit misleading...
    #24     Apr 19, 2010