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  1. I found about feature that i didnt know earlier.

    There are services that allows getting advises from professional traders (as i underdtand)

    for now i found just one zulutrade.

    but i want to find more!

    please suggest me servises that you now and your feedback.

  2. assuming you mean advisories, they are the modern equivalent of the Sirens, calling sailors to wreck themselves on the rocks...
  3. Just give it to a professional. They should be able to build a portfolio for you that loses less in a down market, and makes more in an up-market. That's how I've constructed my client's portfolios.
  4. do you know any other services?

  5. markger


    i think for an account up to $5000 zulutrade is a good way to earn from forex trading.
    If you always keep in mind that forex trading is a risky business and do some research on their signal providers, i think you can make a nice ROI.
    I suggest you open a demo account with them.
  6. Thanks for your answer, i've already found a lot of servises that allow buying signals. But i also found platform that is integrated with this feature, this feature is in development, but it is already possible to send signals to each other and communicate for free. unfortunatly, you wont find any information about this feature on the web site, but you can ask support to tell how to use it.
  7. markger


    If anyone else is interested about info for zulutrade, i could share more info, cause i have a live account with them that is doing good so far
    Custom settings for each provider
  8. Hello Markger,

    It would be cool to find out more from Zulu' client...

    First question to you:

    How do you participate in Zulu as signal provider or you are paying for signals?

    Thanks in advance!
  9. irniger



    I am in the middle of a Zulu demo and testing it out. After some mistakes, due to not knowing the ropes well enough I choose the providers with these criteria:

    - high % of winning trades
    - low DD
    - no old open positions, only current ones
    - live trading, even if only some of the trades
    - small number of red trades in history
    - high ranking
    - no martingale - I trade only one contract per provider
    - many followers
    - no providers that are considered risky
    - nice smooth up line on the profits chart

    Do you have other criteria? Can you share your experiences? You can also contact me here

    I am running a test with tradency also. Very hard to set up and follow, not as easy as Zulu.

    Thanks for your input. I appreciate it. Felix
  10. markger


    To subscribe as a signal provider you just sign up as one, you can put your own money also if you want. Then you make your trades on your own (using an MT4 platform if you want) and get paid a commission of 0.5 pips/trade if you have any live followers.
    Do this ONLY if you know good about forex trading and you know how the market moves, else you just dont do nothing

    Before you do anything, first test it to your demo account
    I choose the providers using the following criteria:
    -open positions (not many old ones)
    -average trade time less than 12hrs
    -not too much money (ie providers with more than $1M)
    -not many lots per trade
    -number of winning trades doesnt count so much
    -DD around 19% in a provider with a reasonable balance is ok
    -rank doesnt matter so much, although their ranking system seems to be working better now

    Also put custom stop settings in every providers, i usually put 90-120 depending on the provider

    Id link my account but i dont know if its allowed by forum rules...
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