Trading with a Wacom Graphics Tablet

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by diputs, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. diputs


    Does anyone trade using a Wacom Tablet?

    I was having wrist problems when I was using my mouse a lot. A graphic artist friend of mine suggested using a tablet instead. It is taking some adjustment to get used to, but it is really fantastic.

    Just curious if there is anyone else out there that uses one with their trading platform.
  2. can u tell us your experience going on with the wacom tablet
    Do u trade stock or future or currency
    It might be great ttrading with a pen easier for scalping i guess

    How Do u like the Fijtsu tablet pc comparing to wacom
  3. HAs any one asl trader with the LE1600 Centrino 758 1.5GHZ Pentium M, Win XP Tablet PC - Motion Computing
    Look preety good to me
    IS the wacom better any 0ponion -?