Trading with a tablet pc

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ksonsinc, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. I want to know if anyone out there is daytrading stock and future,s with a tablet pc
    Can you use the pen to trade like hit the bids and ask
    How does it work and please give me your experience on it
    I am interested in purchasing a Tablet pc either a gateway or a lenova
  2. miggidy


    I do not trade on a tablet, but I interned on the CBOT and many traders there traded off tablets. The pen works exactly the same as a mouse. So you can do everything on it. It takes a while to get use to the pen. Sometimes you can hit the wrong box and get a fill you did not want. Once you get used to it though, you should be fine. If you are not on the floor in the pits, I would have no idea why you would want one though. Its purpose is for mobility.
  3. HI MIG
    Thank you for sharing your idea
    I just thought a pen would work as fast as a mouse and i can use my laptop to do quick scalping instead of holding the mouse in my hand.
    how does it work if you are scalping on the L2 especially for equitiesany idead
  4. VTI0990


    I wish I could offer some better information, but all I can say is I use a tablet laptop but I don't use it with the pen. I have tried the pen out, though, and it works just like a mouse and you could definitely hit bids/asks effectively with some practice. Also, if it means anything, this exact laptop was used on the floor of the CBOT for awhile.