Trading with a newbie, a retiree, a grad coed and a feminist pig...

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  1. Tried something new yesterday... hooked up with some people online for live chatting while trading the same instrument... what a disaster.

    A newbie wanted to milk us all for our systems. Yak yak yak and sucking everyone else's dick to butter up our egos. Good God...

    A retired post office guy who just wanted to be left alone all day. Why join a group of other traders if you prefer solitude?

    A grad student obsessed with sending all of us her summer vacation photos. Really, she had a nice ass but I don't give a damn, while I am trading.

    Finally, a former corporate executive who got fired after 15 years climbing the corporate ladder, she says due to 'operational differences' with her boss. Personally, I think she just refused to blow the guy, but that's just an observation after listening to her for six hours straight...

    I swear, this woman talked like men owed her the world. Of course, she never did anything to deserve being passed over for promotion, and she always fully earned everything good that ever happened to her. The icing on the cake was when she started to lecture the male traders about trading like bigots... like BOGOTS! How the hell does a guy trade like a bigot? What a loony. It was time to throw her off the ship, so I dumped her from the group, but geez what an airhead. Could have fried an egg on her face from the looks of her. Too old for PMS, she was just a crazy feminist pig.

    No, I will not be offering to host any more such collaborations in the future... although the grad student's ass remains in my memory.
  2. It could much could be sitting in a prop shop with these people right beside you !!!
  3. Post a picture of the grad student!
  4. So why didn't you take the summer vacation photos?
  5. bespoke


    ya, pics or neg
  6. Woo, now that's my kinda moderator. :cool:
  7. If you insist.

    She said she had a boyfriend, but so what?
  8. "Are naked puts really this safe???"
  9. Depends...
  10. Oh come on now...that's not her!
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