Trading with a netbook?

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  1. Has anyone here traded with a netbook?
  2. Renah


    Is it be possible to install software on it?

    If it is then could be possible.

    I need a laptop to make speed changing from software to software during a trading day.

    Best of luck.

    Though nothing to do with it. :cool:
  3. What do you think? Livermore used to trade on telegraph.
  4. But he didn't trade with IB or Tradestation, did he? :)
  5. That's basically my question.

    Theoretically one may be able to load software, but I am wondering if anyone has been able to actually trade without problems.
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    I've traded with IB/TWS and remote desktop on a netbook many times. Works well, but is not perfect.

    TWS has a few dialogs that a bigger than the screen, so you better know your keyboard shortcuts.
  7. why would anyone want to trade on a netbook? are you stupid?

  8. Son, it's a simple question.

    If you don't know, or don't care, don't answer.

    Please, keep the smartass counterquestions to yourself. :)
  9. Thanks. That's basically what I thought/feared.
  10. Retief


    I did some automated trading on a net book. In particular, on an Acer Aspire One while I was away from my regular trading turret. It worked okay, with my trading system netting a profit.

    Concerning dialogs that extend off the screen, get a copy of a shareware program called ShoveIt. It shoves the dialog onto the screen, so that you can click yes/no or whatever is necessary to close the dialog pop-up.
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