Trading with a Laptop + Cell Phone

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    Hi Folks,

    Does anyone trade with their laptop connected to a cell phone / data card? What have your experiences been with regard to security and data reliability?

    The reason for this question is that I am contemplating having my laptop hooked up to a cellphone for emergency backup purposes. However, a cell phone's reception (with frequent missed syllables and words) is never as clear as a corded land-line. I was wondering if there could be any loss of data packets if one is trading via a cell-phone. This can be disastrous if one is clicking on an order and the wrong symbol/quantity gets transmitted instead because of some data loss.

    I am not referring to trading through Wi-Fi or Wi-Max wireless networks but through a regular dial-up connection via a cellular network.

    Thank you for your opinions and suggestions.
  2. Hmmm...

    If its an emergency trading situation...

    Why bother trying to execute a trade on your laptop through your cell phone when you can just pick up the cell phone and call your broker ???

    After all...its an emergency and the last thing you want to do is to make matters worst.

    Also, if your broker charges an extra desk fee for calling in an order...

    Shouldn't be a big deal considering those types of emergency situations don't happen too often.

    By the way...I know someone that does something similar and he only use it for email purposes...

    He saids he has some problems just for regular internet use...

    I just can't imagine what types of problems he'll have if trying to place trade executions through such type of setup.

  3. i have mine set up with verizon. it is easy to do and works everywhere. it works great but you only get about 15k. it is great for backup because its free.
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    This can not happen. Every data packet has a checksum, if a byte in a data packet is modified, the checksum is wrong and the data packet will be sent again.
  5. I scalp using a wireless NEXTEL connection,
    although sometims I get lagged, thats ok, because many of the times it ends up in my favor!

    I'm a lucky guy :D
  6. I just started using Tmobile's GPRS system. I think that's the correct term. I bought the card for 100, and pay 30 bucks a month for dialup speed. If you don't want to buy the card i heard you can get a phone for free and use that to connect.

    I'd consider your trading style. If you'll be scalping then Tmobile may not be an option. I have no experience with Verizon, but it seems they are pretty fast. Main thing is to consider how strong the service provider is. Tmobile seems to have a stronger signal compared to Verizon in the Seattle area. If you will be in an area that doesn't have good reception then I'd look for an alternate solution. For my trading style tmobile works well for me. The connection is not as strong and stable as cable, but good enough for me to be mobile. Hope this helps.
  7. Verizon's broadband access offers true 400k+ downstream, but the rollout is in limited metro areas. Works great.

  8. I used these folks several years ago (in 2001). Even at that time the service was pretty much flawless.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks everyone !! Some very good information posted here.

    Thanks, data loss resulting in erroneous orders was what I was worried about. I checked with my brokerage firm and they repeated what you have posted. Thanks for posting this information.
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