trading with $5k

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by alsherm, Jun 14, 2010.

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    anyone know which firms allow you to trade with $5k and a minimum of $100k bp, also with no license needed.

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  3. I would take a look at golden capital markets, they offer a not bad deal
  4. alsherm


    the website that i found is of a currency trading firm, i'm looking for stock trading. thanks
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    element trading is out of Panama, i'm looking in US. thanks
  6. cstfx


    CY Group, most any CBSX firm
  7. Curious how long to people last with so little capital and so much leverage?
  8. Nothing so curious about.

    Let's get CONSERVATIVE ;)

    * 2 x YM or ES.
    * 2000 USD for margin. Note there are brokers that allow trading with 300 USD margin intraday.

    Result: 1500 USD "loss potential" until the plan has to stop, per contract. That is a lot - 30 points ES, 300 YM. I Know some setups with around 20 ticks stop (19), so that would be 15 losses one after the other to blow out.

    Depending on plan the statistics of the strategy that can be a LOT of room. Not a "100% sure", but doable. A good strategy, intraday, should get at least 4000 USD for that average.

    This account has a very good chance of NOT going bankrupt if the strategy is right. Note that this is not a "100% change", but then... simply take the money out, do not ramp up easily, and afgter 3 months there is enough reserver to refund after a blowout. And we talk of a LOW chance here.

    * Note: that does not scale. YOu can possibly do 10 or 15 times that, but then the strat is too small. THis is for all those "whow, you own the planet in a year" people.
    * Psychology is the much harder problem here. Not so easy tostay calm with a smaller account when the fluctuations hit you.