trading with 2 quad xeon proccessors

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by thehomecenter, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Does any one use a computer with 2 quad xeon proccessor for charting. I am looking to buy one to open up 500 charts on esignal. Any imput would be great. Thanks
  2. mnx


    sounds like overkill to me, but I've never opened 500 charts at once... ;)

    I suspect though that one of 2 things will happen...

    1) E-signal is single threaded (assumption) and your extra 6-7 cores will make no difference.

    2) Bandwidth will be a limiting factor...

    that's my 2 cents, I'm sure someone else might have more specific info for you...

    - mnx
  3. You might want to look at Multi Charts. It is designed for quad core. For that many symbols you want a product that is designed for multi core.

    Esignal is single core only for now, plus there are alot of data lag complaints. I would recommend you look at MC with DTN IQ data. No one is perfect, but at this point Esignal seems far from it.
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