Trading while undergoing chemotherapy

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    So let's say, 35K USD for treatment on the high end, add in $25K for surgery. Living expenses in U.K. outside of London, 2k a month for 6 mo. It may work...It may.
    Thank you for the link. For some reason, that other article was quoting vastly lower prices.
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    If I could purchase local U.K. insurance and not get denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition, it just may work. Just thinking aloud here.
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    I think the lower prices are self pay NHS prices....whereas the 25k is perhaps the top end central London Harley street area prices. Probably a whole spectrum of prices depending on location etc.

    You might consider a private room or wing within an NHS hospital...the NHS service might not be as bad as I make it out to be. Have a look at some Macmillan cancer forums
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    I would be surprised if you could! Everyone would do this if possible!
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    I know :). Wishful thinking on my part. But the wait time may be different than in the U.S. I researched Singapore Health and Canadian Insurance. Both had a 10 year wait time before the pre-existing condition was covered.
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    Two years ago, to the exact DAY, I dropped my wife off for chemotherapy, and I went to buy the best mattress I could find for her to die on. (The guy at the mattress store must have seen me coming, I'm such a mark. I hate this f***ing mattress and I paid half a fortune for it!).

    Anyhow, a major cancer institution (in Baltimore) told me that her stage 4 lung cancer was moving along so quickly that I needed to begin. looking into hospice right away.

    We got a novel test done that showed what chemo drugs her cancer would respond to and which ones it wouldnt. Anyhow, the one it would respond to was not approved for lung cancer, but swas an insanely expensive drug used for second-line treatment of colo-rectal. Of course, yours truly had to write the check or no drug was going to be administered. So, I don't know about trading while undergoing chemo, but I do know about trading to have to pay for it!.

    Anyhow, she;s cancer free, and here is the story they did of her and the test:


    I even have a cameo appearance! Good luck, get through that, dont listen to any negative shit from anyone.
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    Thank you rvince. This is definitely inspiring and I'm glad your wife has made a full recovery. I'll watch this and take notes later in the evening. From a quick watch, I have a few points I'd like to make.

    1) Gene testing is crucial and I did have it done at the Clinic.
    2) Luckily (or unluckily), I have a certain gene mutation which makes the my cancer susceptible to standard treatment, ie FOLFOX. Oxaliplatin kills my kind of cancer cells without trouble.
    3) There is a new treatment available for stage 4 colorectal patients called Keytruda. I stopped researching it after I was ruled a stage 3 but IIRC, it might be similar to your wife's treatment. As of today, it is covered by my insurance. Thank god. But I also know that the price of Keytruda is 50 percent cheaper in Europe.
    Good thing to know considering how uncertain the future of coverage is in America.
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    God bless you both.
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