Trading while undergoing chemotherapy

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tortoise, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. Don`t do it!Don`t even think about drugs or alcohol at this time.
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  2. Sprout


    As long as one doesn't consume it with fat or oil, juicing/eating raw cannabis is non-psychoactive.

    Alcohol for sure, prolly one of the most physiological destructive habits one can engage in.

    More lives have been destroyed with alcohol than all other drugs combined.
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  3. sle


    Oddly enough, I did not experience that - it was pretty much business as usual. People working for me said that I was a little more irritable (I know they are full of shit, cause I was A LOT more irritable) and I vividly recall vomiting during an important meeting with the head of trading ("Hmm, I will take it that you are not that happy with the numbers" was his comment). Otherwise I did not change my routine that much.
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  4. Gambit


    I understand your perspective and this is where good staging comes in. Stage 4 is drastically different than Stage 3 as you already know. At stage 4, I'll hazard a guess that many patients will reorient their life.

    Thankfully the tumor board did their job and I'm doing clean up chemo so I decided to maintain my normal life as much as possible with a view towards possible recurrence and breaks in employment.

    Sadly for many cancer patients, money does become a priority. I'm not pro or anti obama care. Obviously I'm a beneficiary of Obama care today as are many cancer patients but I hated the higher premiums pre diagnosis. The bills are enormous as health care is outrageously expensive in the U.S. My bill is $100,000 for the first year. This excludes 5 years of follow up care. Just my perspective.
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  5. DeltaRisk


    The chemo drugs are obscenely expensive, I’m glad you are here.

    You can always declare bankruptcy if you don’t want to pay, it’s just a little hiccup on the road to recovery.
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  6. DeltaRisk


    The numbers did make you sick *wink wink*

    I suppose it’s just how far the disease progressed, It’s worse when you don’t know if you have a job when you come back.

    You are healthy now, right?
    If not, get your ass off ET and go get better.
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  7. Gambit


    Sadly, it is important to keep bankruptcy as an option. Thankfully, my insurance has covered almost everything.

    But this is what is worrisome...what if insurance no longer covers pre-existing conditions? Food for thought I suppose.

    My contingency plan is go to the U.K. if that happens. I have enough cash on hand to pay out of pocket for treatment overseas, for several treatments.

    This is how many cancer patients die broke. I read about a gentleman in Australia who spent 1 million on his care before passing on.
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  8. DeltaRisk


    Dual or tri citizenship is the answer.
    You’ve got to have the resources to travel obviously, but it can keep you from owing a million dollars.

    Hey, that million dollars owed means nothing when you’re dead!
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  9. Gambit


    I'll look into E.U. citizenship. I think if I purchase land in a PIGS country, I automatically qualify for citizenship.

    U.K. citizenship is nice but difficult to acquire. Not sure if I want to get treated in a NHS hospital anyway ;)
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  10. I am sorry that you are going through this Gambit.
    I pray to the universal God to bring you peace, comfort and courage to face the days ahead. And please do not forget to use the power of meditation to help you keep your spirit up.
    Wish you the best.:thumbsup:
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