Trading while undergoing chemotherapy

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tortoise, Dec 18, 2017.

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    Thanks man. I'm doing high dose curcumin, aspirin, fish oil, ginger, probiotics, metformin and garlic. I stop most of the supplements during and after chemo to avoid interfering with the drug and once the drug is out of my system, I restart.
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  2. wrbtrader


    I'm curious, when were you diagnosed ?

    I don't know what type of cancer you have but has it impacted you mentally (physically or psychologically) ?

    Was it your doctors that recommended that you just rest from trading or others in the medical profession or just your personal choice ?

    I wish you the best.

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  3. toc


    Try this too and keep us updated.

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  4. Gambit


    Thank you for your well wishes. I was diagnosed 6 months ago. I'm in grad school right now and trade my own account so thankfully finances and work aren't an issue. Ceasing trading seemed prudent. It was a surprise to me because of my relatively young age.

    The most likely reason for my diagnosis was untreated low testosterone coupled with a genetic disorder which predisposes me to many cancers. If anybody in your family has had colon cancer or stomach cancer, I highly recommend getting screened for Lynch syndrome. The risks can be mitigated through lifestyle changes and early screening.

    There is a phenomenon known as "chemo fog" which affects cognition. I do notice a decline in my mental faculties at times but it's not crippling. I'm still able to perform in grad school and pick up some python on the side.
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  5. wrbtrader


    Thank you for answering my questions. I know to some they may seem personal.

    Yes, that's the phrase I was trying to remember...chemo fog. A close friend of mine mention such when she was going thru chemotherapy several years ago. I remember her behavior (mania and psychosis) and she blamed it on chemo fog but I couldn't remember it until you've mentioned it.

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  6. Gambit


    Mania and psychosis would be challenging to deal with. I don't mind personal questions. It's better to share the info and increase awareness especially in non traditional venues.
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    You still have to saddle up the mule to ride.
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  8. Sprout


    May you experience a powerful healing and speedy recovery.
    An potent ally in your supplementalcopia is activated charcoal for detoxing and St.John's Wort for your liver. The medicinal use of cannabis, especially when juiced raw is worthy of research.
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    I'll look into it! Thanks bro.
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  10. DeltaRisk


    You’re correct, but when you’re sick priorities change.
    Money doesn’t matter anymore.

    When you’re in hospice and you’re going to die, there isn’t a single person deciding between systematic and discretionary trading.
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