Trading while undergoing chemotherapy

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  4. Forex is a highly competitive and risky market area where you have to undergo a lot of pressure. So I am sorry to say that you should not go for trading at this stage while undergoing your chemotherapy. Yes, I agree that while being the cancer patient you should divert your mind with a positive vibe and do some productive but enjoyable work. But trading can give much pressure which may be difficult to handle. So you should not bear such tensions.
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    Intermittent fasting before chemo starts has been shown to increase success and lessen side effects, statistically.

    This means dropping ones calories to under 500 a day.

    Of course:

    Double check with your physician before you do this.
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    IF is not defined by calorie intake.
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  7. Not all calories are equal.
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    Yes they are. A calorie is a unit of measurement.
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  9. Well of course 100 calories of meat protein is equal to 100 calories of vegetable protein.

    But there is a big difference which 100 calories has more vitamins and minerals.
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    No, most veg-proteins are not complete proteins.
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