Trading while trying to lose weight on Atkins

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    I started this atkins thing on Sunday. I use to drink a ton of O.J. followed by 2 -3 cokes a and some carbs in the morning while trading. At the moment I have headaches, cant focus and lost money yesterday and had no patience today and gave back most of a pretty good morning. Can one trade on the atkins diet after a few days or a week or should I go back and just modify my old diet if I want to trade.

    I know this may seem stupid to those of you who always work out and never put on weight but it does get harder with two little kids and a wife who wants a break. (Plus I got lazy)
  2. Atkins = lose weight then drop dead :(
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    The headaches may be from not getting enought oxygen to the brain during sleep.

    Try okanawa Coral Calcium and get some sun and exercise. Don't lose weight too fast or it will put a huge strain on your heart.

    My wife is on Weight Watchers. She eats what she wants, she simply has to count all the calories and stop eating when she is at her limit. To her, it's not even like being on a diet...

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    haha ^^

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    I'm afraid the OJ will have to go. But if you've been doing this for a long time and miss it to the point where you can't concentrate, buy yourself a bag of oranges and eat the actual orange. Not only will you be getting lots of fiber, but the absorption of the natural sugars will be slowed.

    As for Cokes, try the caffeine-free diet variety. For some reason, it tastes better than the regular diet. If you still don't like it, try the same in Pepsi.

    If you're genuinely hungry, have a real breakfast: eggs, bacon, sausage, ham (no pancakes, no syrup, no biscuits, no jam, no potatoes). If that turns your stomach, try baking your own oatmeal cookies, only leave out the sugar (the raisins should be enough). There are carbs here, but they're complex. Don't eat more than a couple.

    The headaches are probably due to ketosis. Try easing into the diet rather than do a 180. Just leave out sugar and starch for now and you should do fine.
  6. See how you feel after 5-7 days, you should feel a little better. IMHO, Zone is a good diet for trading, because it keeps the brain alert and focused. Try Zone after a while of the Atkins, it allows more carbs.
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    if you have been eating poorly for a long time, it will take much time for your body to adjust to your new diet... so dont be too discouraged to the point where you stop dieting and then you go right back to where you started... however i think that there are diets other than the atkins that are more productive.

  8. forget Atkins, forget weightWatchers, get the true facts, lose weight the healthy way.....


    ps nitro "lack of Oxygen to the brain"... LOLOL that is too funny doesn't happen dude :D
  9. PM me I will give you some info. There is a cost, but its not 2 much.

    make sure u have Paypal acct.

  10. How much truly aerobic work are you doing during the day? I don't mean the kind where you push yourself to out of breath and concentration limits, I mean a rate where you feel good and refreshed during and after? You can break it up in perios of 15 minutes each. then increase them . 15 for me was enough when I started to feel good and refreshed and mentally ready. I did one set before I traded, one set during my break (830 to 1030am pst) and more in the afternoon. If you exercise too hard you will burn more carbs, slower longer exercise initially conditions your body to produce the mechanisms that burn fat and leave the blood sugar for your brain. Initially also, if you exercise too long before your body is conditioned you may burn proteins as well, which is not what you want.

    Also, as you reduce your carb intake, you will need more water. Carbs, in the process of digestion, release H20 as a by product, if I remember correctly. Well even if I am wrong, having a higher relative protein content in your diet means you need more water. Drink a lot of it. And drinking water keeps the specific gravity of your cells up, allowing wastes to flush out of them regularly. This has a cumulative effect on your health in general.

    I never wanted to be one of those traders that is financially fit but physically a mess, I would love to do this until I am 70 or so. My .02.
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