Trading While Drunk

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  1. Do you really think that you're going to go pouring glasses of milk for yourself because you have a 100 millisecond subliminal message flashing on your computer that says "Drink Milk"?

    Do you really think that you need to flash subliminal trading messages at yourself to keep yourself focused and not discouraged when you're trading. I mean, wouldn't it be better to simply print out those messages and tape them up on the monitor's plastic border, so that you would keep those messages constantly present both subconsciously and consciously?

    But your response will be "no, it has to be subliminally presented, otherwise you'll just tune it out and it won't work". Yeah, ok. Suppose instead you do what most Americans do to artifically boost their self-esteem and confidence: get drunk. Print up your self-boosting trading messages, tape them to your monitor, and start imbibing. The farther along you get, the more your conscious mind will be inhibited, so your printed trading messages will cease to be conscious, they will remain subconscious.

    One more advantage of online trading. You can get roaring drunk every day as you trade, which you couldn't likely do at any investment firm job. (Unless you're the boss).
  2. If nothing else, trading while drunk will make it more enjoyable to lose money in this market! :)
  3. People who are making themselves miserable trading this market sober, might find they actually do much better drunk. I mean, if you're already doing lousy, perhaps the only possible change is for the better.
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    You could use Easy Language to automate your drinking strategy.
    Perhaps every half hour dispense a new cocktail.
    As you approach the bottom bollinger Band of sobriety the drinks get stronger!
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    Smoke some weed instead
  6. or bump some coca-ina
  7. If you're willing to go to those extremes, why not just take LSD. You wouldn't have to actually trade at all. You won't even need to turn the computer on. You can just type on the keyboard and watch the blank monitor, and you'll experience the whole trading thing without ever risking a penny.
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    How about a little Zoloft or Paxil? Get rid of that trader's anxiety and depression over losses....I am so happy, I can't give a rat's ass......:D
  9. I got rid of the anxiety and depression when I stopped trading options and started trading futures. Time Decay is a mental illness.

    SSF: ask your doctor which SSF is right for you. Now available without a prescription.
  10. Hey it worked for David Wells :D
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