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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by copa8, May 29, 2005.

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    will be getting back to a full time job soon. info needed for those who trade at work. my company allows personal trading, but i would need to notify internal compliance every time i open or close a position. would like to do swing trading (about 3 trades per week), but don't think my company will look kindly on this, as it's probably still considered too frequent. is there a way around this? i'm thinking to not tell compliance about my IB account. is there a way for them to find out about the account, even if i never disclose it?

    thanks very much!
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    (You don't say what business you are in, but it sounds like something in the investment business.)

    You have to tell them. In the current environment, regulators are not forgiving and therefor employers are not forgiving.

    Carefully read your compliance rules. The rules should state how often you can trade. There may be something you can trade frequently, even currencies or Treasury bonds.

    Good luck.
  3. Since currencies are not a regulated market, maybe you can go about not telling them about it...
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    yes, the company is in the banking/brokerage field. you are right in that i should offer full disclosure. they can fire me for lying right there.
    maybe opening an account in another person's name (family/relative) and trading it would be a better/safer alternative? as long as all trades are done before/after work at home, then there's no way compliance can find out?

    don't want to quit trading, but paid some tuition learning, so need to work full time for awhile. thanks for your help.
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    btw, currency is not feasible, since i haven't traded it once.