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    this is certainly the. most interesting thread in a long time

    best of luck
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  2. guy2


    Thanks zdreg - I wasn't attempting to start a discussion here - just find out if any traders were interested in taking this on.

    The web site has more financial potential/benefit for a trader than a non-trader and that's why I thought this was an appropriate place to look for a potential buyer.
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  3. I own approx 50 domain names and have them all parked for now...While I have had offers to sell a couple of them, I have refused and will continue to keep them parked for I have never sold any of mine....But, I use Dotster and to transfer ownership with them is quite simple...who ever is your registrar is where you will first need to go to and see what is involved in transferring ownership if you do get a buyer for your site...

    I saw your comments on eBay and while I did suggest checking out eBay. I agree that many of those are nothing more than losing names that someone thought would make a killing on....most people who play buying the domain name game came in to late after all the good names were taken and most names are never re-sold for a profit and actually just abandoned...(instead of keep throwing good money away year after year in renewing it when the domain name is as useless as air brakes on a turtle)

    Your domain names alone (without the on-going business) are more than likely worthless due to they are not unique or in demand...but now with you having a site up and running with visitors then you need to market your website more than the domain name....

    You could list in in ebay's domain name section and be sure to explain in the listing that it is an operating website...the main reason that eBay might be worth a shot is you could also list it in another category of eBay..such as business opportunities or however eBay calls it....

    Other than that, you might consider taking out a small ad in a trader magazine or even say in Barron's or in Investors Daily.

    Your domain names won't is you have an established web site that will sell...if it does sell..

    Good Luck.
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  4. I have operated a few websites
    and successfully made money on several.
    The general idea is that domain and content are not worth that much UNLESS
    your domain is or something obvious.
    have alexa hits(rating) in 20,000
    you can of course TRY to sell and good luck but do not spend that money just yet...
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    thanks for the comments guys - much appreciated.
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  6. guy2


    I was trying to work out how to provide verifiable traffic information for the web site and I think that I've found a solution. Last night I registered the site on and added their counter/tracker to this web page:
    Daily Notes
    (at the bottom of the page).

    Now if you click on that link above (the Daily Notes one) and then you click on the stats link at the bottom of the Daily Notes page, and then when you get to the sedo site click on the "Last Visitor" under "User Tracking" it should show you who you are (i.e. part of your IP address and your ISP) and also the fact that you have linked from Elite Trader site through to the Daily Notes page before going to the sedo site.

    This has been running for less that 24 hours so I'm not sure how well it's going to work.

    Question: Has anybody heard of Sedo before? If so, have you used them or know anybody that's used them? They claim to have brokered a site for $750,000 this year and say that it's the site that sold for the most this year.
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  7. Nothing like coming on ET for free advertising and a great way to pump and dump your worthless website with stupid "clicks" to boost your pretend traffic.

    Are you a paying advertiser on ET?

    Sold one for $750,000..darn than your site will at least fetch $800,000...right??
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  8. "Ads by google" is a service you can put on any website. It's a good service to flesh out your page content which matches ads to your site content but it's a free gimmick, I have it on a few sites but it's probably only worth one pretty penny.
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    lets see how much can it fetch
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  10. guy2


    This was more in response to zdreg's comment earlier in this thread:

    "this is certainly the. most interesting thread in a long time"

    and I thought that he (and some others in this thread) would be interested in what I was doing.

    I personally haven't seen this before - the tracking by a third party web site to verify traffic - and find it very interesting. By following the link through in this thread you can see it in action.

    There is the negative side effect that by being curious and seeing how this works will give false traffic to the site. However, I'm hoping that this will only be for one or two days and after those days have fallen off (after 30 days) the traffic should just reflect the regular traffic.

    Thanks for your constructive comments - much appreciated.
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