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  1. guy2


    I'm selling my trading web site:

    I would really like it to continue to run as it currently is running because it has tons of loyal visitors who find all the free info useful.

    I believe that a fellow trader with some technical knowledge would be the most beneficial buyer of a site like this and would be able to continue to run it.

    The ideal buyer (i.e. the buyer who would benefit the most from the purchase) would be an emini day trader who used eSignal as their charting platform. This is because the buyer would also be a user of the web site and would therefore understand the web site and the needs of other traders that use it.
  2. If you don't receive any interest here then try eBay. List it under Domain Names

    Good Luck.
  3. guy2


    Have you every sold a domain on eBay? Or do you know anybody that has?

    I've never done anything like this...
  4. I think you should just keep the domain name... and lease the site out.


    Hell, the advertising on the site alone has got to worth a pretty penny!

    It actually has ads by GOOGLE!!!

    turn it into a trading site... or an AUCTION site! give eBay some competition....

    The Coin
  5. "Reason for sale
    My working visa status will soon be changing and my new visa type will not allow me to run the web site."


    Are you serious, i've never heard of such a thing.
  6. guy2


    I didn't believe it either when I first discovered this - however I have dug hard and deep and found that it is true. Perhaps there is an labor lawyer who hangs out here that can confirm this.

    You're not the only one that says this either Avalanche. EVERYBODY says this.
  7. What, is there a law in your country of origin that prevents a person from operating/owning a website?

    Sounds ridiculous!

    I can get a monkey to own/operate a website.

  8. guy2


    The law generally breaks down into 3 categories:
    1. Can do any type of work.
    2. Can only work in a specific trade (or for a specific company) and often in a designated area. i.e. Restricted.
    3. Cannot work at all.

    If you fall into category 2 or 3, this often prevents you from receiving any type of income from your labor.

    You can, usually, be a passive investor, and receive income, dividends and of course capital appreciation. This is also an option for me. I could just put the web site on remote control.
  9. danielc1


    Talk to someone at the Ark inc or Sage. or

    before you sell your website. I think you can create a company and sell the website to your new company and let that company pay you in french benefits or dividends. You will not receive labor income this way.
  10. guy2


    Thanks danielc,

    Subsequent to making the original post in this thread a few people have come forward with ideas like this.

    This is an option for me and I have worked out a way that I can transfer the site to a relative of mine in another country if I can't sell it. This is not ideal and I will opt for selling it if I can.

    Interestingly, this is the first time that I'm doing this, and yesterday went and looked around eBay and the domains for sale section of their web site. I was VERY dissappointed with what I found. It appears to be 90% scammers trying to con people into buying boilerplate businesses and domain names.

    What I am selling here is a small business with an established clientelle and a subscriber base - not just a domain name. I'm a bit wary of going near eBay after what I've seen on there. The association with those other sellers/scammers could be negative.
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