Trading vs marriage

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  1. Maybe that's what it takes to get to the top.

    "As the firm's leading currency trader, Marcus had to wake up every two hours throughout the night to check the markets, which had the negative consequence of ending his first marriage."

    "His wife left him, but Marcus was too busy to notice."
  2. it's the saddess of a speculator.we have lost too much
  3. How much sacrifice are you willing to make to get to the top? Your health, family, marriage...
  4. That's a great article.

    The guy is obviously operating on the genius level.

    To say he "lost out" due to the ending of his marriage without actually discussing the matter with him is a bit of a rush to judgment, I'd say.

    Somehow, I don't think he wants for company.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. How do you get any sleep at night let alone waking up every 2 hours and make $300m bet on currency?
  6. He takes a lot of cat-naps :D !

    Well he probably does.

    And when he gets up he's just checking to confirm what he aleady thinks/knows about the market that he's looking at.

  7. Sometimes when I am talking to my trading buddies too much online, after hours, I realize I have to go..............I don't want my wife to be a trading widow. I just say go to go don't want a TW!:p What can I say I am passionate and I love this business. I obessive and compulsive when it comes to trading.
  8. i think alot of traders are obsessive compulsive or else they wouldnt have made it as profitable traders.

    It takes a rare person to take massive losses and keep on going as per marcus, dennis etc.

    btw any1 got any idea how marcus trades? all i know is from market wizards that he trades using alot of TA. and does he still trade if so how profitably?

  9. How many individuals who are at the top of their game remain married for long? probably none. That's because marriage is a very time consuming hobby.
  10. Trustme


    You know what they say - when you work a lot and want to get a cat, better get two so they can play with each other when you are not at home.

    Don't know why this comes to my mind right now :)
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