Trading Vs doing business

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hermit_trader, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. Do you think trading is easier than doing business?

    Personally, I like trading. I don't need to deal with people. No need to sell anything. I can control everything.
  2. Eldredge


    I try to approach trading as a business. I have had some retail businesses, and I don't think it is really easy to make money in either one, but both can abe profitable. I enjoy trading more - no employees, lower overhead, lower fixed expenses, etc.
  3. qdz


    I have not done any business but trading. I guess trading should be simpler TO ME. Fewer persons to deal with, no boss, no customer, but competitors. Since I believe I am better than average, these competitors are not a problem to me. The problems are those who always trying to take advantage of me by some outrageous tactics which they cannot do in normal trading.

  4. I'll second that. If you can make a business that produces passive income for you, I think that is easier. Trading is more fun though.

  5. I see a full-blown paranoidal syndrom here. Not that I am a medical doctor, so I may be wrong. :D

    More seriously though: everyone competes in the same conditions. It is only your mind that makes it tougher for you.
  6. Or, his lack thereof...

    Like every Market Maker and Specialist out there give a damn about his $5K or whatever small amount he has.
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    I don't think trading is simpler for him with all that whinning and bitching I see from all his posts
    Also I think he only has $2k

  8. qdz


    Idiology. This is not true yet. And may never be true. We need to ensure that there is only objective differences (like excution speed) but no subjective differences (like PDT rules) existing.


  9. qdz


    See, that is your weakness. You special interest groups like to fight a few guns (analogy: large accounts) but dare not to fight large number of small niddles (small accounts + flexibility).


  10. this thread should be called "clash of the pikers"
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