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Discussion in 'Trading' started by joeyc, Sep 12, 2005.

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    I trade 350,000 shares per month....what is considered big volume for traders and funds?
  2. big guys at my firm do at least 5 million shares a month (non rebate traders)
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    Holy cow 5 million shares per month is alot of volume.
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    Hi Steve ....what firm do you trade with...thats alot of volume you mentioned.

  5. How long have you been trading?

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    Hi Steve,

    I have been trading since volume is on the low side now , at my p[eak I was doing 1.5 million shares per month. I made a killing in 97 long the nets with decent size holding for up to 3 days per position. Unfortunately I have had bad years as well and I am taking things rather slowly right now hence the anemic volume.......but 5 million shares is definitely alot of volume.

  7. I agree, 5 million is def a lot. the guy who sits behind me right now actually pushes close to 10 mil a month during good months. I, myself, do a little over a million a month on average but now i am finding myself having a hard time keeping it under 50k a day even on slow days. on good days i am closer to 80k
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    WOW 10 million shares a month from 1 trader.....he must have insanely low per share trading costs.....that is amazing!
  9. he is up 200k this year so far so he is definitely getting some mileage out of his shares.