Trading Video - What do you guys think?

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  1. I found this video on google vids a while back. Its a few years old, but its entertaining. Its about an hour long, you can view the DOM around 26mins into the vid, it goes away then you see it around 40mins in and it stays until the close, PnL is also shown.

    You won't learn much from this video, but its pretty good just see how a trader throws on size and lets his trade run.

    trading ES using ninjatrader. It appears that he/she is using price action, pivot points and pit audio.

    So what do you guys think??$50000+&ei=H-hBSMW8D4ry-wHdgIWBCQ&hl=en
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    I don't understand a sh*t
  3. judging by the date you joined and the amount of posts you have, you may need to LURK MOAR before posting.

    what part of the video did you not understand?
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    Anyone care to explain this video. I've never done any trading like this. The platform and charts were crazy looking.
  5. The platform in which the trader is entering his positions is the ninjatrader SuperDOM, please correct me if I am wrong.

    Im not sure what charting program they are using. The pit audio is provided by, Ben was on fire calling the action from the pits that day.

    You can fast forward the video to about the 40min mark to catch the end of the action.

    The one thing I am trying to understand is how he determines when to add contracts on the pull backs.
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    I didn't understand all of what he was saying since english is not my native language and I didn't see the use in it. Looked like something crazy and psychadelic, something like this
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    "So what do you guys think?? "

    very cool....nice to hear when he calls out when and what the local boys are doing - "one of my top 10 stepping in sold 10 contracts".....then later in the video you hear that same guy stepping in with his mates - selling that contract....i.e. more than 1 local decided to step on it, that's when the contract started edging south (and this dude's profit started accumulating) - nice also to hear the morgan stanley trades go thru, he mentioned goldman in there somewhere. also, the way this trader seats his limit orders and for how many contracts - the dude's a player!!

    not so sure how long his stop-loss tactics will keep him liquid for tho - not even sure if a dude like this needs it - seems like he feels off the pit audio and watches the order flow, then clicks out to do some TA....picks his direction and puts his balls on the chopping block.

    cool video!!

  8. simulated account trading,

    size of positions and direction of positions unknown and not disclosed

    cummulative profit suggests a multi-day session hold on position and the resultant rise to $53,000+ profit in green, and it kept fluctuating

    the fluctuating profit in green suggests that this is not his primary position, holding or account, hence most likely a demo account, as anyone capable of holding that size in ES and ignoring profits from the time it showed up on the screen at +32,000 through +53,000+ and then to the +42,000 range probably doesn't need the money or the credit for the profits....

    that's what I think
  9. He's selling the areas that coincide with the resistance and trendlines. It's a simple strategy implemented by predicting the trendiness of the day, the same setup would be seen this past Thursday and Friday. This chart seems to be printing the last sale?

    This setup is pretty close to what I'm looking for, a platform that can plot auto trendlines across bar/range/volume/candle charts based on a user defined setup. I'm using Quotetracker charting with Interactive brokers DOM, would the auto trendline setup be possible to code in quotetracker?

    I want the trade setup data sent to a Excel based money management system which then allocates to TWS the maximum allowable contracts to be scaled into based on the stop and profit target.
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