Trading via the Internet over in 2011?

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  1. From today's NY Times:

    In a widely cited report published last November, a research firm projected that user demand for the Internet could outpace network capacity by 2011.

    But the Internet traffic surge represents more a looming challenge than an impending catastrophe. Even those most concerned are not predicting a lights-out Internet crash. An individual user, they say, would experience Internet clogging in the form of sluggish download speeds and frustration with data-heavy services that become much less useful or enjoyable.

    “The Internet doesn’t collapse, but there would be a growing class of stuff you just can’t do online,” said Johna Till Johnson, president of Nemertes Research, which predicted the bandwidth squeeze by 2011, anticipating that demand will grow by 100 percent or more a year.

    Without smooth running fast streaming quotes, trading via the net would not be possible.
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    America has the worst and slowest internet in the world.Europe,canada,japan have way faster broadband and the infrastructure is in place.Not crappy time warner and cheezy earthlink/aol junk operators.The mobile phone system here is horrendous.Elsewhere in the world the net and mobile systems are integrated.PEople do all kinds of crap with their c phones that we talk about being able to do in 5yrs time!We are way behind.
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    Please elaborate on what you are experiencing. Time Warner in my city is very reliable with 7.5Mb down and 1Mb up. Not the greatest customer service in the world, but I rarely have to talk to them. Also, relatively expensive, but worth it comparative to my profitability.
  4. trading over internet will always be given priority because if there are no traders wall street has no one to gouge, if wall street got no 1 to gouge than capitalism dies.
  5. don't worry ISPs will reserve a portion of the bandwith that they will sell at a premium to ''premium'' subscribers.
  6. nytimes heh? what a bunch of bullshit.

    1) by 2011, the servers would be many times more powerful than what we currently have, easily able to handle the added capacity

    2) by 2011, there will be new/matured bandwidth technology such as the verizon fios, high speed satellite (beginning to be deployed in japan/asia), and also peer to peer wifi etc to handle the bandwidth.

    Internet will not die, it is impossible to kill it, because the internet is like a virus, there is no central host, even the backbone hubs that used to makes up the core are now much more spread out and not as critical. Once satellite net is established, it will eliminate the last chokepoint - the transatlantic cables.

    We should be more worried about some type of smart virus taking over the net in a terminator type scenario(of course no killer robots lol) than internet shutting down...
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    YEAH IN 2011 IF NOTHING CHANGES IT WOULD SLOW. but connections and computers move just as fast or faster.
    get real.