Trading versus Gambling

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  1. I first started as a professional gambler in Las Vegas. It was a fun time where every night was something different. The prize was more then just some money thrown in my lap, but at the end of the night there would be parties and women. In my greatest night, I walked out with 25 grand and then there were two women I partied with back at the casino hotel room.

    I moved to NYC believing that I needed to get serious about life and joined a prop firm. Life at the prop firm could not be any worse. It seems like a bunch of fat old men hearded into cubicles staring at monitors and giggling to themselves while reading Yahoo message boards.

    Im not sure how someone can keep going like this staring at a monitor and entertaining themselves with messageboards.

    Making money at the prop firm is not a sure thing. The traders around me seem to only make money when the indexes keep going up and then they lose it all when it chops.

    This prop trading will be a temporary venture at least for me. All I know is that I was making steady money when I was playing poker and blackjack. On top of that, there would be women entertaining me at the tables and free drinks. At the prop firm, its a bunch of grumpy old men, certainly no women, no free drinks. Somehow I thought Wall Street was different, its definately not the strip.
  2. Day trading firms I visited seem to be mostly young people and and open floor. Somewhat exciting but no women to entertainment :(

    I never been to a prop firm but from what you described, I would not want to
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    i trade at home, and hire a full time dancer for me, only couple hundred a day, well worth the entertainment
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    Maybe if you had saved some of your winnings you wouldn't have to be at a prop firm. I just love all these young punks that scrape togetther a few hundred k, think they know it all, and start living large. Lesson for you all here, save your winnings or you will have to spend your days with fat old losers in a cubicle farm (shudder).
  6. if you want to make money in the markets, you must take the time to learn them, many variables, then you should become a knowledgeable trader .. with a gameplan & trading strategy to trade at a prof level .. a experienced trader is not consider himself a gambler, if you have that mentality you are already doomed.. just like in any prof, someone must learn their craft before they can profit consistently from it as a business. your probably better off trading from home , watching & learning away from distractions if you want to put the odds in your favor. its a whole different world, and may be tough to adjust to, since your comparing it to gambling. .. knowledge is the edge in trading.. their are no shortcuts to be in this business for the long term making money. , its not glamarous or easy, its a tough job, don't let no on fool you into thinking otherwise. with hard work , it can be rewarding for sure.. doing this for 12 years, had to pay my dues..