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  1. I've had a horrible experience with a vendor who sells a trading method. I purchased a course for $6500 on how to trade the e-minis. My experiences dealing with this company has been a true nightmare.

    The company is called Investor's Advantage Institute. Their website is .

    My opinion is stay far away .... very far away from any dealings with this company.

    They use fancy words like tetradynamics and APM models (Adaptive Power Models) when describing their trading methods, but these are just fancy words to make it seem like they have something 'really neat' to offer.

    I will be going public with more details ... but the reason I'm writing tonight is that I found another customer of theirs (who also paid $6500) who had an incredibly similar experience with this company as I did. He also feels totally ripped off by this company and our stories were almost uncanny in their similarities.

    I'm wondering if anyone else out there has dealt with this company. I am preparing legal material and have already filed formal complaints with many agencies (SEC, etc). If I can list other dissatisfied customers out there that have had similar experiences with this company, it might help.

    Please email me (or post here if led) at if you have ever dealt with this company.
  2. Why would you pay a school to learn to trade ...
  3. I can tell you're on a mission and I wish you the best. But I think you'll find that a lot of posters at ET will give you a hard time for paying anything to learn to trade much less $6500. About the most anyone spends on here is $100 for a good trading book. (If you're new, come back here and browse some of the old threads and post a few questions: there's a mountain of good information, resources and tips.) Good luck---
  4. metooxx,

    <<Why would you pay a school to learn to trade ...

    Looking back it was a huge mistake ... the kicker was that they offered a money back guarantee .... which they are not backing up. Instead they've just throw personal insults at me (similar to what the other cusomter of theirs experienced) and have run away with my money.
  5. Go and kick the sh*t out of those bastards! :mad:

    If they're fraudulent, plus not backing up a money-back guarantee, and you can prove that the price for selling these methods is "inappropriate", and that you were dissatisfied and requested refund within the refund period (via emails etc), they've pretty much lost the case already.

    I wish you good luck with your legal pursuit! :)

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    If you paid via a credit card (hopefully) and you have a good credit card that really backs up things like this (AMEX), then just have them dispute it..and document all of your attempts for refunds, etc. good luck.

  7. Spot on, didn't even think of that! :p

    I've got Gold Cards, which here with almost any bank fully insure all purchases against loss, theft, damage, even dissatisfaction (to some extent) for a full 3 months after purchase. It's worth the extra annual fee, which, if you spend more than $10k or so on it (easy), you get it waived anyway.

    If you've got a Gold Card (if you paid $6.5k on a credit card single purchase, you probably do), see if you've got the same conditions.

    If not, make sure you get one in the future :)

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    Yeah, AMEX has reversed charges more than once without any question on things. (that puts the burden of proof back on the vendor) It's the only reason I keep it...for online purchases....becasue they have a no-hassle policy about online stuff. My BofA platinum is the same way. Either way hopefully he paid witha credit card, and has some sort of recourse via them.

  9. let's hear about the $6500 system
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    if it above APM MA buy, if below sell., if either just fork over 1K more and they will tell you what to do. j/k of course.
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