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  1. I'm curious if any of you know if there are any ETF's or I-Shares to trade with if you want to ride the market (SPX, INDU etc) down?

    I know one can just by the SPY's, QQQ's or DIA's to stay long the market if you think its going up.

    But are there any vehicles you can "BUY" and not short to participate in the downtrend.

  2. Buy some Puts on the indices.

  3. I'm talking actual shares.
    Maybe a closed end fund that's traded?

    Please exclude Options or "Shorting"
  4. Yeah, try the bizarro QQQs. Good luck.
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    Check out Rydex funds.... These are closed end mutual funds that replicate an index. You can choose an index and choose from a variety of betas. You can buy a fund that is inversely correlated the S&P with a beta of 2. When the S&P goes up, the NAV of your fund goes down by a factor of 2.
  6. SIOUX...i've heard of the Rydex Bear Funds.

    I know they're closed end....but they are they traded OTC?
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    don't really understand, why you have to buy something and make you life more complicated because of this research and inconvenience(instead of simply short QQQ or any other EFT)
    but-you can probably BUY something, that have inverse correlation to market. some gold related stocks,tobacco or whatever they called defensive sector. again-you need to spend a good amount of time on it.
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    I'm just guessing..... but he is probably trying to take a short position in an account that does not allow derivatives or "shorting".
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    RYUAX .. inversely correlates with the S&P performance
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