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    Curious how the rest of you guys and gals get away from it. When I am on vacation, I tend to still think about the market. My wife hates it. Now our deal is to try and go places where there is no access to market info. Used to be easy, but not so anymore. I remember going to Europe and the Caribean when there was no info at all. Now it seems like if I went to the South Pole, CNBC or Bloomberg would omnipresent. I did go to a place in Hawaii once that had no TV's or phones, but was the most expensive place I ever stayed (Kona Village Resort). Unfortunately, it was on a company trip with Merrill Lynch, so I was stuck with about 100 people I hated, who just talked about the market....:(
  2. when were you at merrill lynch? my old boss started in the biz at merrill lynch in the 70's before going out on his own. he was one of their 'golden circle' if that means anything to you. he always talked about it like it was a huge thing.
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    1985-86....left first chance I got. Went to EF Hutton (you old enough to remember them?)

  4. 'When EF Hutton talks, people listen.'

    Even nine year olds.
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    I go snowboarding, preferrably in some remote location. No nonsense talk about the market on the mountain. Of course getting to the lodge or hotel was a different story with the TV's. I get edgy about not being in touch, but, get over it quickly.

    Wasn't it..... When EF Hutton talks, people listen......


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    I already told you I was envious of your age....stop beating me up about it:)

  7. just 'cause you the same age as my dad, don't mean we can't hang :D

    p.s. cracked what are some of your favorite snowboarding spots...I'm a Tahoe man- Mount Rose and Northstar do me right...
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    Yeah, but can your dad cook like me? Can he make a stratocaster sing? Does he have the solo down for "On the Turning Away" (finally got it!!!)

    See, I am old....only ski the long ones. One on each foot. :(
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    You are Floyd fan Rs??? Do you recognize my login???

  10. nope- but he can speak 4 languages and roll a mean joint tho
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