Trading Using Basic TA

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    Support and Resistance

    This is the first and foremost that trader should be able to learn and identify. Most experienced traders will be able to tell many stories about how certain price levels tend to prevent traders from pushing the price of an underlying asset in a certain direction.
    Think support and resistance as a barrier to know whether a stock will be going to bounce back or will continue to slide down...

    Check out How to Identify Support and Resistance here
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    Moving Average (MA) Indicator

    Perhaps the most basic of all indicators is the moving average. It is exactly what it sounds like. If your wife spends $100 today, and $110 tomorrow. Her average spending is $105.

    See Howto Use Moving Average Indicator
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    You won't get far sticking to simple MAs. You need to move on to advanced stuff or you'll lose. When you take a mean of n data points (the basis of the simple moving average), you're basically finding the best horizontal line through a time-series segment. This is suboptimal to finding the best straight line (linear regression), much less finding the best curve through a time-series segment (nonlinear regression).
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