Trading US markets from Japan?

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  1. Looking to talk with traders in japan who trade the US markets.

    How do you deal with the early mornings? What do you do with your off time?

    What kind of line do you trade off of?

    Do you have trouble explaining your work to friends(the Nikkei futures are known to the general public as derivatives of destruction because of the crash)?

    Specifically, anyone trade in Osaka?
  2. I trade from Tokyo. Yeah, the hours are a real bitch. When I started I wanted to be a day trader, but basically it meant never sleeping. I decided to focus on EOD, which is nice because it gives me the whole day to prepare. I go to sleep after the opening (about 12:30) and wake up for the close (5:30 ish) to make sure there were no problems that need to be taken care of before the day ends.

    Explaining trading to your friends is a whole separate thread.:p
  3. I came to Japan originally to finance trading through teaching. Now that I have grown accustomed to the lifestyle, I find it hard to leave eventhough I am living off of trading. I have been to Thailand and found it nice, but not really a place I could call home. I guess there is no easy solution to having a life, trading AND doing it in Japan. I guess you're right, sleep isn't a priority with this lifestyle, although I DO enjoy my 8 hours:)

    Anyone in Osaka?
  4. Yeah, the teaching / trading combo is pretty cool. You can make a decent living from teaching, all the while honing your trading skills. You can work as much or as little as you like and can charge as much per hour as you think the market can take.

    Do you trade EOD or intra day? What platform?
  5. Do you trade EOD or intra day? What platform? [/B][/QUOTE]

    I trade intraday, ehnce my question about managing the late hours. I trade with IB and with a forex broker. I haven't had any connectivity issues, but I always feel my IB globex fills are at the bottom of the heap. I once had to wait 24 hours to get a fill on a 10 year bond future(of course it traded down before getting filled), and that's one of the most liquid contracts in the world!

    I don't teach much anymore. I am only taking on gigs that pay as much as a trade would. I feel my time is worth as much as an average trade makes (including the drawdowns). But I will tell you, keeping one foot in the teaching door can have great balancing effects on my trading judgement. I always know that I am one stupid trade away from being a full-time teacher again!
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    I am a Japanese living in Kobe, and trading Emini.

    I am a system trader, and the system set is fully automated.
    Using Wealth-Lab Developer to trigger signals realtimely, and reading it by C#Program which pass the order to TWS via the API.

    The current system set is very reliable, and stop@Globex is also automatically executed.

    So, I usually go to bed whenever I don't feel like watching the monitor.