Trading US Index futures with NO STOP!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by myminitrading, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Gotta agree with MMT. Bears have been getting slaughtered cos everything is "good news" nowadays.
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  2. Dont let em shake you out and make you feel like a chump, just keep saying to yourself the greedy bankers are going to push it higher, and belive me they will.
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  4. The economic data is taylor made for the markets, all data is gooooooood. You cant beat em, if the data is weak we get a rate cut, if the data is strong the economy is growing. Its a win win no matter what buy buy buy.
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  5. Talor made, just right baby, just right.
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  6. A 20 point dip in the Dow Mini is a super super strong buy, a 50 point drop is a screaming buy, a 100 point drop though very rare is a mortgage your home buy.
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  7. Uh, does that include eRL (Russell 2000) futures ?
    If so, you need to visit your eye doctor....if you didn't see that fast, fast sell-off yesterday late afternoon.
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  8. and what is it trading at now???LOL

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  9. do you guys who blindly buy on margin without any risk

    management also drive without a steering wheel ?

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  10. Its like these folks dont want to make free $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I just dont understand it, here we are getting fat and these guys just want to look at the scarry side.
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