Trading US Index futures with NO STOP!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by myminitrading, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. This is a market environment that requires no protection, its a risk free environment in the index futures. I am not talking about stocks but INDEX FUTURES ONLY!

    Using prudent leverage and not taking on more contracts than your account can handle requires no stop loss. You cant trade a 10k account and buy five contracts and expect to not get a margin call. But you can sure trade 1 contract in a 10k account and never need to worry about stops thats for sure.

    I will prove this theory, I am buying 1 Dow Mini Contract this morning 2-1-07 @ 12693. I am certain the market is going to 13000 before we get a 2% correction. Just watch how little risk their is in these index futures.
  2. The market loves Dells warning, the market loves higher oil, the market loves higher rates. Bottom line here is the market loves everything. Noting can bring this market down NOTHING!
  3. What is your trading account size? What is the margin you pay on YM?


  4. Sounds like you have found a new way of entertaining yourself.

  5. 10k..... $1200....up up and away........ with the US index futures.............nothing but blue skys as far as the eye can see.............lets here it for Ben and Paulson...... hip hip hurray...... hip hip hurray........just buy index futures and get some free $$$$$$$$$$$$
  6. NEXT STOP 13000 ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!
  7. hmm...with 10k account, $1200 margin and no stop, be careful but good luck to you anyway


  8. There's no way you can lose. Indexes basically mean ZERO RISK these days.

    We'd have to get nuked before the Dow goes down and even then, by 3pm we'd be back up 50 pts in the green.

  9. Agreed its an new market with Ben and Goldman Sachs running the show.