trading turrets for sale

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by marketsurfer, Apr 2, 2006.

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    That is unbelievable deal. Do you have a phone line hooked up to it? or direct lines?

    Have you bought any attachments ---if not you can buy accessories and attachments on the web.
  2. That's a really low-end 15 year old turret. Lots of fancy buttons though! I have the slice and dice attachment.

  3. yes. can you link me to info on newer turrets?



  4. i have not hooked it up yet. not sure if accesories are available, perhaps someone here knows.


  5. What is that??? It looks like a hardware interface DOM window for Futures contracts.

    How do they work?

    Or does anyone have any website with information?
  6. TGM


    yes the new ones can operate off of VOIP etc

    Those Turrets are old but still useable. Turret technology did not change dramatically until the last few years. My old trading desk had the same turrets for well over a decade. Direct lines are direct lines----but VOIP and the internet --changes the ballgame. BT has all kinds of cool attachments and gadgets
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    Er, are you sure it will work as a standalone without the backend processor? I asked about using another make as a standalone and was told not possible - need the whole PABX type system..........................
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