Trading Truisms

Discussion in 'Trading' started by larrybf, Jun 10, 2002.

  1. I got the phrase "hard right edge'"posted on the front of my monitorto keep me focused on the TRUE realities of live real time daytrading.Curious if anybody else uses phrasesand or other things to keep on track while trading LIVE.
  2. "The speculator who loses his temper is a goner."

    "I made more money by sitting than I did by thinking."

    ~Jesse Livermore
  3. Be Spock.
  4. Count the stars

    It helps me remember that, in the big picture, how much money I make really doesn't matter.

    ...guess you had to be there when it struck me....
  5. i am going to kick some major ass next week. and i mean MAJOR ASS! i'm rolling out the BIG GUNS! and pulling ALL STOPS! i'm gonna shut some mealy mouths next week, on that you can bank on!
  6. spectre


  7. Pabst


    The next trade I make won't be good enough to retire on, but it may be bad enough to blow out on.
  8. skynet


    "Dont trade the same stock all day"

    There are too many opportunities in the day to rely on one position


    :D :D :D Thanks for making me laugh at Pussy.....again.:D :D :D