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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Hernanavella, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. Hi. Probably you guys are the best source for my needs.

    I'm looking for a TRAINING PROGRAM or something similar, to start my career as a trader.

    I don't have any trading experience. But I believe that my analytical skills and emotional strength might help me. Let's say I'm looking for the very beginning (how to get experience if everybody is looking for someone with experience). Well, I will do anything to start getting such experience.

    I know is tough to start and the competence is fierce. But all I asking for is sources that eventually give me an opportunity to be trained. It doesn't matter if is paid or not.

    I have a College Degree in FINANCE from an outstanding University in COLOMBIA (South America). I know that most of you are going to laugh and say "what is Colombia"....but let me tell you that thanks to my degree, I have very strong Math and Statistical background (ready to be tested anytime), that make me feel confident. Also some WORK EXPERIENCE in FINANCIAL ANALYSIS in Colombia too.

    Also I started a PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE at the NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF FINANCE. I took a course in TECHNICAL ANALYSIS, which I consider will be one of my strengths in my career as a trader.

    I'm willing to take whatever comes to succeed. I just need a little bit of help with information or tips.....or if SOMEBODY NEEDS A TRADING ASSISTANT IN THE NEW YORK AREA.....I will do it for FREE. I’m serious. I want to get into this business, no matter how I have to start.

    My resume is AVAILABLE as a attachment file.
    If somebody has something useful to share with me...welcome.
    Welcome critics too...


  2. while you're waiting, read everything you can on the topic. Start with Market Wizards, or Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, for example.

    Trade for your own account, even if it's one contract or round lot at a time. Get into the game as well as you can.