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    Does anyone have any positiv or negative experiences trading tradesports? I just want to be involved in trading a bit, nothing to stressful or time consuming. Thanks
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    yeah, I have an account with them. I trade some basball and an occasional economic number. I never looked at their other finance products, like the Dow and so forth. What I do trade I'm happy with the markets I get. It's better to get part of the vig than just giving the whole thing away.
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    I have an acc't also. Pretty cool site with plenty of contracts to choose from. The upcoming NFL season should be pretty wild - i bet (no pun intended ) there will be lots of action.
  4. Isn't there an American law or something prohibiting online gambling? There are times where easy money can be made, ie Easy money betting -- NBA championship. I don't have an account nor will I until online betting becomes legal in the US.
  5. The only gripe I have with Tradesports (which I don't have an account with yet) are the small contract size, the lack of liquidity (I know, I know -- I'm asking too much) and the transaction costs for letting contracts expire. The only thing I'd use it for is fun...I think it would be hard to make serious money with $10 contracts.
  6. I love that site but haven't opened account because am concerned about the fact that online gambling is illegal in the US.
  7. I lost 30 bucks on the Pope, but it's all good, 'cause he's a good one.

    it was fascinating to watch the blatant market manipulation by some "elephant" attempting to use the market to sway public opinion on election night. it was THE trade to fade but I didn't have my account open at the time.
    Lost to Win Best Drama Series bid 30 ask 35

    I don't like the spread but I see some value in the 35 offer.

    When are the Emmy's. :p
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    They won't arrest you! do you know how many people play online poker and online sportsbooks!!
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