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  1. goldenarm--let me get this right, what you are saying is it is practically impossible for a newbie or experienced trader to net 250k this year due to the market. that kind of sucks. I am hoping that i will learn the ropes this year and the market will turn around.....hoping of course :( .thanx for posting your track record. facts are always much more concrete than a lot of these hypothetical posts. I was hoping other traders would post their track record. I do have a friend in one of these prop firms who sais the same thing regarding his firm. some of the best traders from the past few years are only making 50k at best for the year.

    Do you guys think someone who is learning in this market will be better off when the market becomes more volatile or a bull market?

    Do you gusy see the day trading market getting better in the near future? if so, how long?

    thanx in advance


  2. nwbprop''prop'';

    Don't take it personal. Most business people ,traders or not won't tell income.:)

    Leiber +Weissman LLC hinted in the difficulty of bear market profit.''Smart'' put some concrete numbers on the trading part of Goldman, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.:mad: [last 2 quarters,not very good.]

    You need at least 1 good downtrend pattern[or related] to learn. See ''seanote'' See,study the books[elite ] recommended-but don't plunge it all like the boy plunger. It's easier[not easy] in uptrend.

    P.S. Make any sense???????????????????????
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