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  1. so i was thinking of a good thread that would get a lot of input and i think i figured one out lol..
    Everyone post what they use with trading..i iant talking specific software really..i meaning like the lil ur chat (mirc paltalk ect) sqwuak box, the things that alot of traders dont use so other traders can check them out..just lil things like i know bright remote traders...get ping plotter for there internet conection..just lil things like that...also in this thread you can tell other trades what ur tardestation consist many monitors..what kinda computer ect....and pictures would always be great!!!!
  2. What is a Ping plotter for bright remote traders?
  3. its just a program that monitors your internet..and warns ya if its slow..ect..ive never used it but u can get it on the remote traders site off bright....its under the software section
  4. I noticed the Any Speed and Ping Plotter on Bright's webpage. This is something I would like to have....Do you know if this can be had for free by anyone? If not, does anyone know of any kind of shareare that I can install to monitor realtime my internet "Bandwidth usage" and "Connection speed"... etc etc?
  5. im pretty sure u can dload it rigth off the bright site..cant ya?? maybe im wrong
  6. Says you will be asked for some trader info when you install the unless you're a bright remote tradre, guess not available.
  7. ohh ok
  8. DoCo


    Go to, click software(at top), click network and download netstat live, program monitors all internet usage and many other indicators, it is very reliable.
  9. Very strange...since that program isn't affiliated with can download it with no hassle at
  10. just downloaded any speed..looks usefull
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