Trading Tools for Linux Users?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by El Cazador, Mar 8, 2002.

  1. Is there a real time quote and chart package for the Linux OS that anyone recommends? Thanks

  2. there is none - except java based like TWS or myTrack for java (no longer.) sorry bout that.
    believe in me.
  3. Perhaps the best answer to that is stability, security, and customizability. Of course these things are important to those who know how to use them efficiently. Linux is not an easy platform to master, but its been around decades longer than windows, and is still debatably more stable than windows.

    A computer science dork like me might wonder why anyone would want to trade on the Windows OS. :D The real question of suitability comes when I evaluate how long the Windows platform has been stable...and from my count Win2k is their first reliable platform that was developed for retail customers. Up until Win2k and their (very late) implementation of multithreading we all were WAY too accustomed to seeing the "Blue Screen of Death..."

    Linux users, on the other hand, found such occurrances to be horrifying as they seldom happended on a linux machine... unless of course the user wrote a bad program...
  4. Before this thread degenerates further into more uninformed religious zealotry -

    How about we just acknowledge that someone might have linux on their desktop (for whatever personal or business reason) and want to use it to trade from and then the discussion can stay focused on what choices a linux user might have.
  5. It is more personal reason to use Linux. I don't think Linux is any secure or reliable than W2K.
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    LOL. crazy_trader, this is most certainly not true. Win2K is less secure and less robust than say, Linux, and considerably less so than say, FreeBSD or Solaris.

    But, as ArchAngel says above, we are better off not going off on some (probaby irrelevant) tandgent.