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  1. I have a Trading manual by Bryce Gilmore " Trading to Win" that has no copyright information on it....I got it off ebay as a bonus........It's about 150 - 200 pages I beleive and it is unbound.......It looks like it came from a seminar anyway does anyone think I am violating copyright laws if I sell this manual which actually looks like a copy but without any copyright stuff on it......i'm not into stealing or selling illegal work ...just curious as to what some of you "brains" think here on it....
  2. you are not violating copyright laws by selling it, assuming it is an authorized printing, and not an illegal copy.

    copyright laws for printed publications are relatively simple. you can buy a book, manual, whatever. you can sell it when you are done. that process can continue infinitum.

    what is illegal is to copy it, then sell the original, OR copy it, keep the original, and sell copies.

    that's a big no-no.

    in regards to printing / quoting, excerpts - that falls under the fair use doctrine, and a google search or two will give you a schooling on that.

    of course, this is not LEGAL advice, blah blah blah.
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    That book is highly copyrighted. He threatens serious legal action.
  5. mine has no copyright marks on it...and I got it from someone on ebay as a bonus so where does it leave my version..........for all I know it could be an original or it could be copied but you would think there would be these little copyright marks scattered througout the pages......I guess he could threaten me ( or somebody) with legal action but given the fact that there is no copyright protection on it what grounds would he have? Just curious about all this...I guess I could give it away as a bonus too...this way I'm not seling it....all thoughts are appreciated
  6. If you sell it the way you bought it and can prove it( picture, bill of sale ) you are ok. You are not allowed to make copies and sell them. Gilmore sells original on Ebay for 600.00
  7. The fact is that you are aware that the information is copyright protected (we keep telling you that it is) and you have a way to contact him for verification even though the website itself saids its copyright protected concerning the course and manual called Trading to Win.

    As long as others have the same original book (manual) that has all the copyright info or marks (it doesn't need to be on every page)...

    While your copy doesn't have the copyright info...

    It does not imply your copy is not copyright protected. :p

    However, as others indicated, as long as you did not make a copy for yourself to turn around and resell the extra one you have (doesn't matter if you keep the original purchased item or a copy of the original item you purchase)...

    It's illegal to resell a copy (a copy that you made) and that guy Bryce is known for going after people (taking them to court).

    He also does business himself on eBay (although not currently) and your thinking about going into the same ball field to sell his material???

    Not a wise move.

    Simply, you can sell whatever you purchased...just don't make a copy of it and then share or resell the copy.

    Analogy: Pretend you just bought a DVD movie from Walmart called Matrix.

    You can go home and then sell it to your neighbor for any price you want (less or more than what you paid for it).

    Yet, if you make a copy of the Matrix and either sell that copy or sell the original while keeping the copy...

    That's illegal.