Trading to meet daily targets

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  1. the trader must have targets only if this is supported statistical result otherwise i find no sense to limil your profits.
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  2. A reliable methodology will give the days continuum of exits/entries (turn arounds) which will then give you a days total net points plus for each days trading session Open to EOD. This will set a target for you of approximately the average points gain per day and therefore per week for that particular market.This way you are not really setting a target but you are using a regular average net plus outcome to know your compounding accumulation of profit.
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  3. Profits come from your lot size.
    Net positive tics per day are simply the vehicle by which you drive your account.

    This is but one style of trading and it is the one that makes good sense of setting daily net tic targets, since it relies on daily consistency.
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  4. My target is 120,000 shares/day volume.
    I view every 6.5 hour day as a marathon...
    And push myself exactly as if it was a road race.

    Since I make a profit on 80-85% of trading days...
    It's all about maximizing volume for my firm.

    Because I have goals and take them very seriously...
    I have been > 100,000 shares volume every day since July 13th...
    Which is double what it was 18 months ago...
    And profits have also doubled.
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  5. That is terrific QT.

    As I recall marathon runners have a certain shelf life.
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  6. this result based on trading system or a signal for trade comes frob your mind?
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  7. i think in the same way
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