Trading Times (Random) Tues-Fri ES emini S&P

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by CaroKann, May 26, 2003.

  1. Trading times (random) for Tuesday May 27, 2003

    11:54 (360)
    09:33 (007)
    15:16 (866)

    I took a 10-sided die, generated a 3-digit number by rolling it 3 times, and scaled that to a time between 9:30 and 16:09. (9:30 to 16:09 comes to exactly 400 minutes). The number in parenthesis is the number I rolled. This works out well since the futures trade until 16:15.

    See if these times are useful for you. Particularly those of you following Walther's times, let me know if these are more or less useful than his times.

    Since Walther's trading times have been a useful confirmation for my methods, I decided to do an objective scientific test to determine if I am seeing a real edge, or just an illusion.
  2. BrAVO! we always welcome the debunking of mysticism in one or the other of its various forms! :-/

    ps. what is the meaning of your sig?

  3. I am not "debunking" anything.

    Walther's times were more useful than I had expected. I am simply trying to determine if I am gaining a real advantage or not.

    Discussing my sig is off-topic. PM me if you like.

  4. the result will be the same! you will see!

    you failed to mention your sig's meaning :confused:

  5. Walther have been posting could be useful if only as a way to curb overtrading. Whether there is anything more to it remains to be seen, but since I myself spotted similar time coincidences I am certainly open to his method as it sometimes confirms mine.

    I guess we have also gained by being introduced to the new definition of mysticism as everything that LongShot does not like... :D
  6. Trading times for Wednesday May 28, 2003

    13:30 (602)
    10:55 (214)
    14:01 (678)
  7. 14:01 trading time wasn't bad.. 13:30 wasn't bad either.

    Funny, the one time that I had in common with Walther (mere coincidence) didn't turn out so well for me.

    For tomorrow (Thursday May 29, 2003):
    14:20 (726)
    12:36 (465)
    10:08 (097)
  8. are you seriously trading these "times"? :eek:

  9. Just paper trading. I may start trading them later. If paper trading is in the green, then why not trade them?
  10. because this is not based on anything even remotely connected to the market. any agreement is entirely coincidental and results bogus.

    i think you are forgetting your purpose here - namely to verify (refute) walther's system.

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