Trading times for Wednesday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Walther, May 13, 2003.

  1. Trading times are 9:40 and 11:55 est. Remember to wait for confirmation by MACD or other divergence indicator for reversals and 21MA for RB.
    If i see other times based on tomorrow price action , I will post it before they occur.
  2. Trading Times sounds like a good name for a trading magazine... :D
  3. 9:40 est was a good call, but I doubt that anybody could have trade it except RBO traders strangling previous day high. Good call but no trade.
  4. What about ? You are giving me ideas.

    BTW I have another trading time, 13:25est.
  5. funky


    all i have to say is......damn you're good!
  6. 11:55est trading time was a good call, 21MA was used as a trigger to enter.
    Few traders mailed me that they took 9:40est trade also, but I feel that for average trader( like myself ) it was too fast to enter.
    However, they had an experience and balls to go for it and it went well for them.
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    What is RB ?
  8. funky


    wow, can you send me your system? it works ;)
  9. Sorry, it is a typo , it should be BreakOut = BO
    Range Break Out = RBO

    13:25est was a good call, price went above 21MA around 13:20 so plenty of time to enter.
  10. Send me what you will make from next trading time , 14:20 est. and I will think about it .
    No cheating !
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