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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Walther, May 14, 2003.

  1. 14:35 est trading time had minor bottom right on time but price didn't get above 21MA till15:55 and also there was no divergence on MACD. Definitely no trade confirmation from indicators. You have to wait for trading time to happen and use only for specific market which is Dow.
    Next week I will try SPY or Nasdaq Composite index but it may not be a pretty picture, Dow is much more civilized.
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  2. Walther, would your method apply to any market just like support and resistence apply to just about any market ?
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    Very nice work, Walther. I trade ES (e-mini), which today tracked your first post times quite nicely.

    I'm not among those who demand a direction for the turns as anyone who has worked cycles know that they invert now and then. Nothing is ever perfect nor perfectly repeatable.

    Should you continue, my vote is for the CME ES03M (e-mini), which is widely traded, vs. the SPX or other indices which are in the end only surrogates.

    Again, nice work. amg

    edit: PS-- you mention a 21 bar MA. On what time frame? I use 3m and 15m for intraday trading.
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  4. So far I tested it on 30year Bonds and Dow, next week I will try it on SPY or Nasdaq 100 . I will have to make all new calculations so I really do not know if it will work but I am confident that after adjustment and learning period I can make it work basically on anything with similar or greater volatility then Dow.
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  5. Thanks for common sense response.
    I use 1 and 5 min time frames and 21 MA is used for direction on both. If you go to 1 min chart you will see that price was crossing 21MA almost to the minute on 10:10 and 12:15est but on 14:35 est, eventhough it was exact minor bottom, 21Ma didn't confirm it in timely matter so no trade should be entered. I just used 21 MA so everybody with basic TA knowledge can use it .
    Just a quick summary , trading times were all correct but only two trades are counted.
    Tomorrow after close I will post summary for this week and try to outline method again.
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  6. Will it be around 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM and 2:30 PM EST?

    Maybe sometime around reports... traders coming back from lunch... and around the time of bond traders going home?

    Watch your favorite indicators at these times of the session?

    Or... maybe there is a proprietary mathematical model?

    Even if you never give away your ~secrets~ it is an interesting post.


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  7. Kernol


    thanks for the posts Walter.

    did your times work as well on bonds?
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  8. Yes , but trades are not as frequent. When there are those Mondays with only 13 points range it is almost impossible to get accurate trading times from these. So one has to wait longer for the next trading time . Good thing is that you can wait away from the screen, you will know when to come back ahead of time.
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