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  1. I am as skeptical as the next guy.. But I don't understand declaring a signal worthless without a direction as well as a time. It's like if I post that some important numbers are coming out at 10:00. No one asks "do I long or short? otherwise the signal is USELESS!" You just don't know until the time arrives.
    Personally, if I wanted to prove/disprove Walther's signals, I would roll some dice and choose 3 times for each day, simulate trades according to market conditions at those times, and compare the results to trades taken at Walther's times.
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  2. Walter - why not do a broader index like Nasdaq, which someone can trade CSCO off of? Or QQQ, SPY?
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  3. FYI


    I am following two stocks today and they both turned at 10.05 and only the second moved at 12:15. (more like 12.50)

    Thanks for the input Walther. I read your times for tuesday and was impressed and then caught yesterday's and figured I'd give it a shot.

    Can you explain it to me, one more time, how you do it (for the less than sophisticated), and perhaps attach a chart?

    I'd say you raised some eyebrows.
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  4. Sure. I would like to know which one of these is more widely traded. I can do next week one of these .Let me know which one is it . I know that trading times method is working on DOw, never tried it seriously on any other indexes or stocks.
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  5. I trade NQ future. 10:00 and 12:05 have been high of day and low of day pivots thus far. I'd say that my attention has been caught, Walther. I have always pondered the 'time' aspect of tech analysis. Hmmmm, 14:35 ought to be interesting ?
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  6. My vote is to do it on the Index (Nasdaq), and one can trade QQQ or other stocks off of it.

    Thanks for sharing.
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  7. and right at 2:35... !! baam'


    like to know more about this
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  8. what MACD settings do you use on your 1 min chart you are talking about? I like what I am seeing here with your calls, keep it up. Thanks
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  9. WHAT THE F ---- !!! 2:35 minor support breaking, IN THE NQ.
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  10. Well, actually 14:32 on NQ :D
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